Weight Loss Tips from Joy Fit Club Members on Today Show (Video)

Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer returned for another segment, on Saturday, April 28, 2012 — watch video above. She brought with her four members of the Joy Fit Club who shared powerful stories of transformation through successful weight loss. Over the course of four years more than 100 Joy Fit Club members have lost 100 pounds or more, and many shared their stories, tips and weight loss transformation live on television. Today’s appearance was in celebration of Bauer’s newly published book, Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration.

Joy Bauer told NBC’s Amy Robach her impetus to write the book, chronicling the weight loss success of Joy Fit Club members was in answer to emails and letters from viewers who wanted to know more about the specific diet plans and and lifestyle changes that work.

In studio was Carolyn Leonard, now 61 years old, who made major changes in her lifestyle and successfully lost 101 pounds. It was the death of her husband from a sudden massive heart attack — when she was 55 — that became her motivation as she realized how diet and lifestyle contributed to his death. Speaking of the unhealthy diet she left behind, she said, “I stopped medicating my lifestyle and started educating my lifestyle.”

Quite a story, though for the woman who lived it, it became the narrative she herself found the courage to change to save herself in the aftermath of tragedy. A reminder, our very lives are at stake, and this is much more than a quest to wear a bikini or drop a dress size or two for a wedding.

Watch video to see more of the inspirational stories and the weight loss tips from successful Joy Fit Club members.




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