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Video: David Zinczenko Talks ‘Zero Belly Smoothies’ and Weight Loss Success

‘Eat This Not That!’ author David Zinczenko has a new book out just in time for summer, ‘Zero Belly Smoothies.’ It’s a companion book to his ‘Zero Belly Diet.’ He talked about how smoothies can aid in weight loss and help you get in those much-needed extra servings of fruits and vegetables.

Check out the video below.

Well, by now, we all know about smoothies. There are even a few popular restaurant chains in the U.S. that offer them on the menu. You don’t have to make a fast exit to the nearest juice bar or health food restaurant.

In a live interview on ‘GMA’ which you can see in the video, the Zero Belly Smoothies‘ author himself talked about how to make this often delectable treat even more healthy by avoiding dairy. Instead of the typical whey protein that some might advocate, he recommends using a plant-based protein. So kudos to that. The dairy industry may still have a stronghold on the public through government subsidies and an aggressive ad campaign, but more and more prominent leaders in the diet and health industry are speaking out.

He also talks about working in such veggies as kale into the smoothies. Yes after all these years poor kale gets a bad rap for somehow being less than delectable.

The drawback to smooths for dieters is that they may not offer the same kind of satiety as eating a meal, as opposed to drinking it. This may vary by the individual. And it’s important to keep those calories into the daily total if you’re restricting calories as a part of your regime.

Here at Skinny Bliss we’ve often talked about caloric density. Those veggies and fruits that are getting whirled into liquidity are the same ones that can fill you up. Not many people can chow down four cups of broccoli. And if you did so, that would be a mere 80 calories.

But smooths can be helpful, no doubt. You can check out by David Zinczenko’s book ‘Zero Belly Smoothies‘ at Amazon.

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