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Tips to Stay on Track with a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

With the middle of the year rolling around it’s now been exactly six months since New Year’s Day and with it, the resolutions. If you are reassessing and looking to refocus on your initial goals, here are some tips to make daily habits help you in weight loss and/or fitness which Dr. Keri Peterson of Women’s Health Magazine discussed in an appearance on the Today Show.  In the video above, she addresses the following:


1. How can we stay motivated to do our cardio sessions?

Schedule in the workouts and thus resist blowing them off or make excuses. Make a firm appointment that you don’t break. Treat as seriously as any other appointment.

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2.  How can we stay motivated in strength training?

If you have only 30 minutes for a workout you may be inclined to think you’ll burn more calories with cardio, but it is essential that strength training be a part of your fitness routine. Building up and maintaining lean muscle mass is particularly important for women, and becomes more important over time. As we get older we have the challenge of a slowing metabolism.  Building muscle mass will boost metabolism.

If you’re working out at a gym or fitness club, try circuit training with weights, going from machine to machine at a quick pace go give yourself aerobic benefits as well. If you are working out at home, and/or doing bodyweight exercises you can get the same effect by increasing your pace.

3. What can we do to make sure we are getting out of bed to do a morning workout?

Not everyone is a morning person, but if you work out in the a.m., try working out with a friend.  Or create a financial incentive by hiring a trainer or joining a boot camp.

4.  How can we get refocused on our resolution to lose weight this year?

Foremost Dr. Peterson notes, for sustainable weight loss it’s essential to have a plan of action.   Rather than vaguely knowing you want to lose a few pounds, set a specific goal.  Next lay out steps to accomplish it through diet and exercise.

And, of course, we can resolve to lose weight any day of the year.  It’s a matter of making that firm commitment and knowing that yes, there will be challenges, as with any area of life — professional or personal.  Just think of the efforts you may make to improve your credit score.  You would monitor credit reports, make sure you are making your monthly payments, reduce your debt load, etc.

Weight loss and weight management is really no different and looking at it in just this way has helped me tremendously.  We can engage in recreational eating that has consequences — weight gain, ugh! —  just as we can overspend and put ourselves into debt and/or overdraw our checking account.

Skinny Bliss readers, how are you doing with New Year’s resolutions?  What is helping you stay focused on your goals?

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