The Dukan Diet: Does It Work?

The Dukan diet, created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, in France, is in the news and many question, does it work? Reports surfaced in recent weeks that Kate Middleton had used the diet to lose weight before the royal wedding. While well known in Europe, it is only recently receiving attention in the U.S. and has been the subject of much discussion as to its safety as well as to whether it actually works, and if so, are dieters able to keep the weight off.

The Dukan diet
is a low carb diet that has similarities to the Atkins diet. It is in four phases: The Attack Phase, which consists of unlimited protein and no fat, along with a tablespoon and a half of oat brand; The Cruise Phase, which adds non-starchy vegetables; The Consolidation Phase, which adds back a limited amount of carbohydrates, followed by The Stabilization Phase, which equates to maintenance during which you are to have one all-protein day per week, three tablespoons of oat bran daily, as well as a daily 20 minute walk.

So is this a diet to success? Will one get skinny on this diet or fail and regain the weight? Whether or not it works would depend upon how well one can manage portion control, and avoid the high calorie foods, especially processed carbohydrates and simple sugars that are problematic for anyone. The quick weight loss may or may not be sustainable.

The subject was covered recently on ABC The View as well as The Doctor Oz Show where the diet was assessed and given only limited approval. Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet, raised concerns about the diet’s health risks.

Watch an interview below, conducted by ABC NightLine, with Dr. Pierre Dukan.

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