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Perez Hilton: Weight Loss Success in Photos: NewNowNext Awards

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton walked the red carpet at the LOGO 2012 NewNowNext Awards, on Thurs. April 5, with jacket open, and shirtless revealing well-toned six-pack abs, the latest evidence of his remarkable weight loss transformation which first began in 2008 when he lost between 70 and 80 pounds.

Reaching such a wide audience on the Internet everyday with his flagship celebrity news blog, as well as his numerous other sites — notably the health and fitness site — he is doing a great deal to spread a positive message about how to lose weight, get healthy and do so in a healthy way.

In an interview he gave to Huffington Post, after the typical rumors and speculation surfaced that he had undergone weight loss surgery to achieve the impressive abs, he had this response.

Not so, says Perez, who told HuffPost Gay Voices that he did it completely the old-fashioned way: through portion control and some serious gym time. “It wasn’t quick,” he said. “And I worked for it! I’m STILL working for it! In fact, I’m working much harder on my fitness now than when I first started this journey.”

Of his decision to go barechested beneath his coat, he added, “That outfit was more than just about fashion for me. It was also a statement. I was saying, ‘I’m owning my body. I’ve worked very hard to transform it. And I’m feeling GREAT!'”

Perez, whose real name is Mario Lavanderia, also noted that the changes weren’t merely physical: “Looking good isn’t as good as FEELING good. And I feel better than ever! I hope I’m able to inspire others.”

Check out the full article at Huffington Post where you can also see more of the 2012 LOGO pictures that reveal his toned and fit abs. Click here for Perez Hilton’s before and after weight loss pictures from 2008 to present date which reveal where he was when he began the journey to health and fitness. You can also see the transformation on the red carpet in the video below.

The message is particularly inspiring because he has been successful at weight management as well as getting and staying physically fit. While we know it is the ideal, so many strive to make these key lifestyle changes. Anyone who is a full-time blogger or has a similar profession that is characteristically sedentary — working at home or at the office — faces quite a challenge to stay fit and maintain a normal weight; hours of sitting are quite risky as scientific research recently published has shown. It underscores how vital it is to get active and moving throughout the day. I know from experience what happens when you don’t do this. Working at home, with endless hours of blogging and meeting pressures and deadlines contributed to my own weight gain a few years ago, which I reversed with the low fat whole foods plant-based diet that I happily maintain, along with exercise and much more physical activity around during the day.

Watch video below from the red carpet below. Let us know what out you think of Perez Hilton’s weight loss success in the LOGO 2012 NewNowNext Awards photos and video, and the example he is setting!

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