Olivia Ward, The Biggest Loser Winner 2011, Talks about Her 129 Pound Weight Loss

Olivia Ward is the newly crowned The Biggest Loser winner on season 11. A day after her victory, she talked about her 129 pound weight loss success (before and after photos).

The 35-year-old winner is an opera singer who competed on the show with he sister who was also among the Biggest Loser Couples finalists, with a 120 pound weight loss.  Olivia Ward started the season at 261 pounds (she is 5’9″ tall)  and won, weighing in at 132 pounds, which represents a 48.39 percent body weight percentage.   It was revealed during the finale that her husband had lost 113 pounds while she was at the ranch, participating in the program.

In an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, a day after winning, she talked about her success.  Noting that she had tried to lose weight many times he talked about what makes this time different is that she realized weight loss happens in the mind, and inside first. Previously she said she had focused on diet and exercise without thinking about what was going on inside. Regarding how she will cope with weight management now and in the future she said, “It’s a challenge. I will make that decision every day.” She said that making the change on the inside will help her in the struggle to make the decision every day.

Asked how she would advise others starting out she said it was important to not look at the  entire journey at once but instead focus on baby steps and making  good decisions every day.




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