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Nyla Gibson 157 Pound Weight Loss GMA Interview with Chris Powell

Nyla Gibson is featured in the season 2 episode 5 of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, first broadcast on Sunday, July 15, 2012 on ABC. She and the transformation specialist and trainer Chris Powell, made a live appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America and spoke with co-anchor Robin Robert outside the Times Square studio on Monday, July 16, 2012 to discuss her 365 day weight loss journey and reveal where she is now.

Video is posted below.

Nyla Gibson is from Louisiana originally and lives in Houston, Texas. At age 27 she tipped the scales at 425 pounds and in the opening scenes of the program talked candidly about the obstacles she faced because of her excessive weight; that standing was difficult, that she sweat profusely and she kept the air conditioner set very low. She knew that her problem was emotional eating and eating large quantities of food. In fact, when first meeting Chris Powell and learning he had selected her, she was at a restaurant in the midst of eating 10 pounds of crayfish.

During the Good Morning America interview, Chris Powell said her stumbling block initially was that she had unrealistic expectations. He said, “I can’t lose the pounds. She is the miracle in the process; we all are.”

Nyla lost 157 pounds for a final weight of 278 pounds down from her starting weight of 435 pounds. She did not meet the first two weight loss goals, at 90 days and six months. Her stumbling block was unresolved emotions surrounding her father who had abandoned her when she was a baby and whom she did not know and had never seen. Chris Powell hired a private investigator who found out details about her father; he had committed suicide at 54. But in meeting some of his family members she was able to resolve the longstanding pain and feelings of abandonment.

During the GMA interview, Nyla Gibson spoke of this, “It was the emotions. Dealing with the emotions was the most difficult thing for me. Then I was able to get things in gear and get moving.”

Noting that although her father had died, she said that she was still in contact with members of his side of the family. Reflecting on her weight loss journey, she said, “Sometimes we hold ourselves back because of our fears. Embracing the fears gives us the biggest breakthrough.”

To maintain her weight she took up Zumba and enjoyed it so much she became a Zumba instructor.

Chris Powell said that is the key to success in keeping exercise as part of your routine, “You find something you absolutely love, you embrace it ant that’s what makes a lifestyle.”

She and Chris Powell demonstrated some of the Zumba moves as the segment ended.

Her diet plan and exercise plan that enabled her to lose the 157 pounds was Chris Powell’s carb cycle diet and workout routine. This included daily cardio and/or strength training workouts lasting three four hours a day, six days a week. The diet, recipes and meal plans are revealed in full in Powell’s book Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. The workout plan is also available in a DVD; Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout.

You can see Nyla Gibson’s before and after weight loss photos here.

The official biography is here. You can also learn more at her official Facebook fan page.

IF you missed the episode featuring Nyla Gibson you can watch it for free on demand at the ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Web site. The direct link to start watching now is here.

As do many of the episodes from the popular reality TV show, Nyla Gibson’s journey and follow up put an emphasis on the mindset and resolving emotions and/or trauma that may hold a person back. It is an instructional lesson no matter where we are on the diet and lifestyle spectrum, as we may all have our issues with food that possibly date back many years. Let us know your thoughts on Nyla Gibson’s 157 pound weight loss in just one year!

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