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New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Here’s A Roundup of Tips

With the holidays and the year coming to the end, we turn towards the next phase, from “avoiding holiday weight gain” to the New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Is this a familiar journey? Or are you among the successful maintainers who just wants to touch base on some strategies to add to your arsenal?

Either way, I hope this roundup of tips from experts will be helpful. How about for starters, the appealing “52 ways to cut fat in 2012.” Sounds good! Here’s a sample:

-Fuel up on fiber. In addition to making you feel full, longer (and therefore helping you eat less), fiber can help you burn through as much as 30 percent more calories, according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition. “Fiber has roughage,” says Gans. “And roughage takes a longer time for your body to break down and requires more energy to digest.”

-Increase physical activity outside of the gym. In a recent U.K. study, 34 overweight women completed the same 150-minute-a-week exercise program, and while some women lost up to 7 pounds of body fat, others gained up to 5. The researchers think that the women who lost the most were the ones who maintained or increased their physical activity beyond the gym; those who gained weight had cut back on their everyday activity. “If you’re going to the gym, you don’t want to negate it by eating a lot afterward or no longer taking the stairs,” says Cassity. “You have to live the same life – if not improve on it – when you pick up exercise.”

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Now how about a workout? Plant-strong Fitness Expert Lani Muelrath has outlined an outstanding plan of action to help you to devise your own workout routine based on American Council on Exercise (ACSM) health and fitness guidelines. The key to success is picking the physical activities that you enjoy most and that are achievable given your time, resources and schedule. Yes, you can avoid letting DVDs and exercise equipment collect dust! Here are some of the basics….

4 Components of the ACSM Guidelines for a weekly workout schedule

1. cardiorespiratory exercise ( 3 – 5x a week)
2. resistance exercise ( 2 – 3x a week)
3. flexibility exercise ( 2 – 3x a week)
4. neuromotor exercise ( 2 or more days a week)

She breaks it down and explains the rationale and how to chart it for yourself. Check it out at Look around her site while you are there; she offers some outstanding, cutting edge information on fine tuning your diet — rules of satiety, for instance, may be an eyeopener for the kinds of adjustments we can make to lose weight and not suffer with deprivation.

As we know, when the New Year comes around we will be blanketed with advertising about weight loss programs. From the high profile leaders in the industry and their celebrity endorsers — Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystems among others. The multimillion dollar ad campaigns will be relentless, and the marquee names — Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Charles Barkley, and many others — will tap in our desires to get to our dream weight once and forever.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind what our goals really are. Do we need the support and counseling that some of these organizations offer? Is it the convenience of meal planning and/or meal delivery? If you have budget concerns, there are options which can cost you much less. Online support forums are helpful and many are free. is one of the most well established, with many niche groups specializing in helping others who are on various types of diets, workout routines, or facing similar health challenges.

Perhaps you have heard of Drew Manning, the Fit2Fat2Fit personal fitness trainer who purposefully gained 70+ pounds earlier this year. His intention, bin gaining weight and then in losing it, both to gain empathy as to the struggles people face when trying to lose weight, as well as to inspire and motivate with a strategic approach to losing the weight with a healthy diet free of processed foods, and a structured exercise plan. He started his 6-month weight loss journey on Nov. 5, 2011 and has been documenting fully with meal plans, grocery lists, workout routines, etc. Details at and the official Facebook fan page.

If you are ready to make a long-lasting change and transformation and are ready to let go of the processed foods — the fat, salt and sugar that have kept too many of us a slave to our food addictions and cravings — and you are looking for an online community of like-minded, I highly recommend the 21 Day Vegan Diet Kickstart which will begin on New Year’s Day. There is no cost to participate, and you can benefit from the expertise of many experts including Dr. Neal Barnard, author of the bestselling book, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health. You can get all of the details — including meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, etc. — at the official Web site: Find out more in the video below.

Please share the tips that have helped you with New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight!

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