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Michael Mignano Weight Loss: 500 Pound ‘Fat Chef’ on Food Network

Michael Mignano’s weight loss success story is featured on a new program on Food Network, ‘Fat Chef.’ It will premiere on Thursday, January 26, 2012 on the Food Network at 10pm ET/PT. The each episode of the program chronicles the efforts of two professional chefs who make a commitment to change their diet and lifestyle to bring about weight loss during a four-month time period, as they set a goal to lose 25 percent of their starting weight.

All of these culinary professionals who participate on the program are assisted by a team of experts including Brett Hoebel (formerly a trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser), nutritionist Christine Avanti, bestselling author of Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food: Kick Your Fake Food Habit, Kickstart Your Weight Loss, and New York City-based celebrity trainer and fitness guru Robert Brace, creator of “NYLean25” and “The 28 Day Challenge”.

At age 36, Michael Mignano’s starting weight was 500 pounds (his height is 6’2″), which according to the BMI calculator puts his BMI at approximately 64, which is beyond the obese category (30+), and in the 60+ ‘super-super obese’ category. As a pastry chef and the owner of Main Street Bakery and Cafe of Port Washington, New York, he is constantly surrounded by tempting sweets. While in his early life he had been athletic, with a 34-inch waistline, as a 500-pound man, he had developed Type 2 diabetes.

Check out the video below in which he talks about his weight loss journey in the Wednesday, January 25, 2012 episode of ABC News’ Nightline.

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It is especially notable that in losing 100 pounds, Michael Mignano was able to reverse his Type 2 diabetes, in light of another celebrity chef — Paula Deen and her announcement that she has Type 2 diabetes, and kept the diagnosis secret for three years, and has become a paid endorser for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, manufacturer of Victoza, a diabetes drug with a $500 per month cost and many potentially serious side effects. His success underscores the message that diabetes can be reversed with healthy lifestyle changes that go beyond “moderation” and become transformational.

In the interview, he talks about the dramatic improvement in his health and shares his weight loss tips:

“No pills in three months,” he said proudly. “Medicine is great, but it gives you this false sense of healing, but it’s not really doing what it’s supposed to do. Eliminating it, that’s what it’s supposed to do.”

One of his weight loss secrets, he said, was eating lean proteins and fiber every four hours.

“I say this is it’s all about self-control,” Mignano said. “With doing the show, ‘Fat Chef,’ I’ve actually learned to rethink the way I look at food, that, you know, it’s not just mindless eating.”

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In a previous interview, he told Insider about his participation in another Food Network reality TV show, Sweet Genius, and how it helped him reach a moment of truth:

“All the chefs [were] worried about competing and whether or not they [were[ going to win or not and that wasn’t my problem,” he reflects. “My problem was, ‘Is the uniform going to fit me?’ It’s funny because everyone has different worries and mine was just ridiculous…I was the fat guy in the room and it really bothered me. After that day I said to myself I have to change. Something has to change.”

Click here for Michael Mignano before and after weight loss photos.

Find out more about the program in this in-depth profile at as well as at the official Fat Chef Web site, which has pictures and biography details of participants. Watch a trailer video preview below.

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