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Michael Giannulis Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Michael Giannulis is featured in the season 2 episode 3 of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The 28-year-old small business consultant from Tarpon, Springs, Florida candidly confesses that his obesity — his starting weight is 493 pounds, just shy of 500 — has limited him in life experience; he has never had a girlfriend nor has he even been kissed. His 365 day journey towards weight loss success with the guidance of the show’s host — transformation specialist and trainer Chris Powell, is chronicled in a riveting two-hour episode that premieres on Sunday, July 1, 2012 on ABC.

UPDATE: Good Morning America did a follow-up a day later on July 2; you can watch the video below; the original story follows.

The Fat Diminisher

His pattern of indulging in too many meals is sabotaging him and keeping his weight dangerously high; he eat some of his meals at home and some at the homes of his relatives including his mother and aunt, who live on the same street, where he relishes the traditional Greek cuisine of his family’s ancestry.

Not only does he get encouragement from his family, but they join with him and commit to lose, collectively 500 pounds.

He is challenged to meet the 90 day weight loss goal — to lose 120 pounds, and remarkably, he hits the mark exactly. His next goal at six months is 70 pounds. He falls shy of it, losing 56 pounds and weighing in at 317 because his increasingly busy social life and new girlfriend have encroached upon his workout time and his discipline. Nonetheless he still competes in the triathlon which he had his heart set on. His final weight loss was 255 pounds for a final weight of 238 pounds.

As do all of the program’s participants, Michael used the Chris Powell carb cycle diet which is fully explored with meal plans and recipes in his book Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. He also has released the workout plan which participants have used with success; Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout.

Learn more about Michael Giannulis and how he is doing today with his weight loss journey in the ‘Where Are They Now’ video below.

The official Michael Giannulis biography is here. See the before and after weight loss photos here. A preview video is here.

Find out more about Michael Giannulis at his official Facebook fan page. He is also on Twitter @mikegiannulis and has a Web site:

If you missed this episode, you can watch it free on demand at the official Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Web site, which is here. It will be available a day or so after the broadcast premiere.

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The Fat Diminisher

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