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Mason Carter Harvey, Age 12, Loses 85 Pounds, Starts Strive for 85 Campaign

From Oklahoma comes the inspiring story of Mason Carter Harvey’s 85 pound weight loss and where it has led him. Now this is achievement in and of itself, but even more so as he was just 11 years old when he began his weight loss journey. Yes, from a starting weight of 206 pounds, he now weighs 120 pounds. He then was motivated to inspire others by starting an anti-childhood obesity campaign, Strive for 85. He drew notice locally, statewide, as well as on the Internet through his Web site and Twitter.

Recently the Guthrie, OK 7th grader’s weight loss success story was featured on CBS News which focused on his motivation to lose the weight and the steps he took:

“Harvey says the reason he decided to lose weight was because he was being bullied. Starting in the third grade, the other kids would call him names like “fat” and “jelly roll” and push him around.

The more he was teased, the more he ate. His parents Mike and Julie Harvey admit they were unintentional enablers.

“How is it possible that an 11-year-old boy would get up to 206 pounds?” Pitts asked his Mom.

“We never looked at him as fat,” Julie Harvey says. “We never called him obese. We never told him, ‘Mason you’ve got to lose weight.'”

But Harvey was fed up with the bullying. So he began to take small steps. He hit the gym, stopped drinking soda pop, burgers and pizza.

Today he eats carrots at school for snacks, with a bit of ranch dressing. He says he can’t believe he was 85 pounds heavier.”

Continue reading at and check out the video below.To learn more about the advocacy work Mason Carter Harvey has done to help and inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle to lose weight you can follow him on Twitter @strive85 and visit his official Web site: where, in his own words he details his mission and the goals he has set forth. You’ll also find before and after photos and some biography details. Of his efforts to help in the fight against childhood obesity, he says in part:

I would like to meet 85 important/famous people. I would like to help my dad lose 85 pounds, I want to attend or participate in 85 events that raise awareness to help childhood obesity, and above all I want to help/inspire 85 or more overweight children.

Most recently word of Mason Carter Harvey’s efforts reached First Lady Michelle Obama who oversees the childhood obesity initiative, Let’s Move!. She invited him to the White House Easter Egg Roll and meet him, giving him a hug for his efforts. Check out the video below for more on the story.

Also see the article at The Oklahoman in the for complete details on his visit to the White House.

Let us know what you think of Mason Carter Harvey’s 85 pound weight loss at age 12 and efforts to inspire others with Strive for 85!

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