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Marge Lyse, Crystal Evans Weight Loss: People Magazine Half Their Size

Marge Lyse and Crystal Evans are both featured in the People Magazine 2012 Half Their Size issue and, along with senior editor Michelle Tan, made an appearance on the Today Show (video above), broadcast on Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Both women revealed their dramatic weight loss transformations and talked about their motivation to lose weight, the steps they took to lose the pounds, and to what they attribute their success. It marks the second segment on the Today Show featuring the “Half Their Size” participants; watch video of the first segment here.

Marge Lyse of Naperville, Illinois had a starting weight of 378 pounds and lost a total of 203 pounds; and maintains her current weight of 175 pounds. As her before and after pictures were shown, she was asked what she thought when she looked in the mirror. She said, “I still don’t believe it’s me. I still see the old me but I’m really liking the new me.”

She said her impetus to lose weight stemmed from the time she came down with heat exhaustion at a cousin’s anniversary party because she was too embarrassed to take off her blazer when she got too warm while dancing. She said she woke up and said, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t have my kids see me like this anymore.” She revealed she had always been large, going back to childhood and was called names for being heavy.

She said of her weight loss, “I took control. I made a promise to myself, which a lot of people don’t do, they make promises to everybody else, but I promised myself that I would get healthy and do it.” Asked what tip she would give others to have success, she said, “I’m 52 years old, a grandmother and [it’s] never too late to change.”

Marge Lyse was also profiled in the Chicago Tribune, and offered some words to inspire others: “Just stick to it and you can do it,” she said. “It’s not so much willpower, it’s want power. You really have to want it, and it can be done.”

Video interview is below:

The Fat Diminisher

Crystal Evans, of Olympia, Washington, is a stay-at-home mother of two whose starting weight was 240 pounds; she lost 133 lbs for a final weight of 107 pounds. Her before and after photos showed her in a bikini looking vastly different from her slimmed down appearance on the show. During the live interview she said that most of her weight gain came during her pregnancy, and that what had been key to her finding the motivation to lose weight was her coming to the realization that she couldn’t be the mother she wanted to be at a larger size.

She said of the bikini photo, “That picture was in a locked file on my computer and I didn’t let anybody see that, including myself. I took that as my progress picture, and hid it because I wasn’t going to stay that way and that’s for me to look back at and say I made this progress.”

To lose the weight she used Nutrisystem, which she called an “amazing program.” She said of her transformation and how it has affected her children, “I can actually participate with them, so they think it’s amazing.” She went on to say “I didn’t want my child to see me struggle with weight, and at that size, it limited me so much, in any activity that I tried to do.”

You can see the January 9, 2012 People Magazine Half Their Size cover image and more details at It marks the 10th year of the popular special issue which can give inspiration and motivation, especially for those who have made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Let us know what you think of Marge Lyse and Crystal Evans’ weight loss transformations!

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