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Joy Bauer on Weight Loss Secrets from the Joy Fit Club (Video)

Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer discussed the weight loss secrets and tips from the members of the Joy Fit Club as detailed in her new book, Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration.

During a taped segment preceding her live studio interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, she noted that over the past four years, more than 140 people who each has lost 100 pounds or more on their own without trainers or fancy gym equipment or expensive meals was highly motivational. She found no shortage of people who had lost more than 100 pounds, and wanted to share their story.

Of the many weight loss transformations featured on Today Show, she shared what they meant to her: “I really cannot describe the feeling that I get when each and every one of them walk out for their reveals. I just get the chills throughout my body because the studio is cold. I know that they’re behind that door, and they’re super nervous, and when the door opens up and they walk out, it’s pure joy. it’s pure joy.”

During the live interview she delved into the specific tips and strategies which prove most successful. Most important, to find a meaningful reason for wanting to lose the weight. The ah-ha moment is a common factor for all of the Joy Fit Club Members. Having a reason — a health scare or wanting to be around for your kids and grand kids — is necessary.

Next, setting up a tracking system as watching a downward trend is motivating. She suggests a computer spread sheet or even a homemade chart on paper to track your weight loss or use a flexible tape measure and record the inches lost. Tracking food is also important as you will hold yourself much more accountable when you know it’s going down on paper, you’re going to think twice before eating it.

Check out the video for the full story and let us know what you think of the weight loss secrets from the Joy Fit Club!

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