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Jonathan McHenry Loses 277 Pounds: Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition

Jonathan McHenry is the year-long participant whose story is chronicled in the season 2 episode 6 of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition which premiered on Sunday, August 5, 2012 on ABC. He made an appearance on Good Morning America the next day.

UPDATE: You can watch the full video of the season 2 episode 6 with Jonathan McHendry below!

Jonathan McHenry, of Port Orchard, Washington, 30 years old at the time, had written to Powell in hopes of being selected to participate. His motivation to take action and lose weight, his family and his concerns that he was shortening his life and would not live to see his sons grow up, and that he would leave his wife widowed. Formerly a high school athlete, years of consuming fast food had taken its toll. He struggled with weight which he knew was above 500 pounds, as that was as high as the scales would register as he’d reached a point where he got an error message when stepping on the scale.

But he certainly knew how his life and his role as a father and a husband was severely limited. He could not take his sons bike riding, and he struggled to play catch with them in the backyard. He had to hook up to a machine at night due to his sleep apnea. He was unable to share a bed with his wife, whom he’d married when he was 22 years old.

You can watch the full episode below!

The Fat Diminisher

He meets transformation specialist and trainer Chris Powell who surprises him at a family gathering as he arrives with pizza to what he initially thought was some sort of intervention. Now in Los Angeles in the week of boot camp he came to the reckoning of his life-threatening obesity. He weighed 543 pounds, and Chris Powell told him he must lose 250 pounds over the course of the year.

As have all show participants, the diet and exercise plan Jonathan McHenry used to shed so much weight so quickly was Chris Powell’s signature carb cycle diet which he reveals in full detail in his book Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution.

Additionally Jonathan worked out some four hours a day. This crucial component to success is also detailed in a popular DVD; Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout.

At his final weigh in Jonathan had lost a staggering 277 pounds — 27 pounds more than the goal Chris Powell had given him — for a final weight of 266 pounds; a life-changing and significant drop from his initial 543 pounds.

UPDATE: Watch the GMA video below; story continues below video.

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You can see Jonathan McHenry’s before and after weight loss photos by clicking here.

You can also see a detailed synopsis of all that unfolded during his year at Reality TV Magazine

As he discusses on his Facebook page, he has since become a personal fitness trainer at Annapolis Fitness Studio in where he inspires and motivates others. The official Jonathan McHenry biography is here. You can also learn more at the official Facebook fan page. He was also profiled in a local news report and talked about his new role as a fitness instructor; read the article here.

And, as noted, check back for the GMA video, and the where are they now video — both will be added as soon as they are available.

Missed the episode? You can watch the full replay video free of charge on demand at the ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Web site, which is here. It will be available a day or so after the broadcast premiere.

Let us know your thoughts on Jonathan McHenry’s 277 pound weight loss in just one year! And in general, what do you think of this show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition? Do you find the program instructive? Helpful? Motivating? Let us know!

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