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John Rhode, Biggest Loser Winner, Season 12: Weight Loss Tips in Today Show Interview

John Rhode, a 41-year-old special education teacher and football coach from Mesa, Arizona is the winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages, season 12. He bested the two other finalists — Antone Davis and Ramon Medeiros — on the December 13, 2011 live season finale with a 220 pound weight loss, from his starting weight of 445. His final weight was 225, and he was awarded the $250,000 prize.

As per tradition, as the winner, he flew overnight from California to New York City for a Today Show interview. He spoke with NBC’s Ann Curry on Weds. December 14 and shared his weight loss tips and strategies for his remarkable accomplishment — losing nearly half of his body weight. He said, “i would have to say that it was my desire. I had a sincere desire to make this change, but I wanted it to be a true change. I want to keep the weight off.”

He went on to note that maintaining his weight “is very much a psychological, emotional battle.” He said, “My plan right now is I’m focused on running the L.A. marathon. That’s my focus right now. After that, then I’m going to have to find a new focus.”

He said he would next set a goal of maintaining his size. He said he now wears pants that are a size 34/32. “If the pants start to become snug, maybe I’ve got to rework some things. But right now, I don’t want to be a slave to the scale anymore.”

He went on to talk about his desire to go skydiving now that he has lost the weight. “It’s a little bit scary, and why not push it, why not live life to its fullest? I’ve been given a new life.” Ann Curry noted that he had earned the new life, and in agreeing, he said, “The door was open, and I walked through, okay, I ran through. I’m excited and I want to continue to live an exciting life. I want to live it up.”

You can check out John Rhode’s before and after weight loss photos, along with biography, and video at the official NBC Biggest Loser Web site. Full episodes are also on the site for on-demand replay.

Check an interview below:

The Fat Diminisher

He’s got an important message about weight management; it is an ongoing process. The National Weight Control Registry, which I’ve mentioned many times, is a perennial source of inspiration and guidelines from those who have succeeded in achieving permanent weight loss for five years or more.

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