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Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson: Weight Watchers Commercial (Video)

Jennifer HudsonJessica Simpson

Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson have teamed up for a new Weight Watchers 2013 commercial; you can see the video below, as it has been released online and will be broadcast on television, it’s part of the company’s new campaign “Weight Watchers Expect Amazing” and this and other TV spots in the series will indeed be among the ubiquitous ads we will be seeing for all the major weight loss programs.

While we all may have our opinions about Weight Watchers, a strength of the program is the support it offers for those who choose to eat more or less in the “mainstream” of dieting, i.e. watching portion sizes, choosing the “free foods,” i.e. those that are voluminous in quantity yet low in caloric density — nonstarchy vegetables, as an example.

There is no question that making major changes in diet and exercise routines can be challenging if you do not have the support of family and friends. In fact, it may be just the opposite; you may have diet saboteurs in your circles. Whether you choose Weight Watchers for your support line or an alternative — and there are many, some of which are free online, such as Spark People, as well as those targeted specifically towards a particular style of dieting — it’s essential to stress the importance of having that support no matter what diet you may follow.

Let us know what you think of these celebrity endorsers? (Jessica Simpson, as you may know, recently announced via Twitter she is pregnant with her second child, and so will not be participating in any weight loss or endorsements until after giving birth.) Do you find them motivating, or are their stories somehow, not “relateable” and beyond reach of the “average” person who may have many demands on time and schedule. You can check out many more videos from Weight Watchers by visiting their official YouTube channel here and in particular, if you want to see more of the “Weight Watchers Expect Amazing” videos, a full playlist is here.

Photo credit (L): WEBN-TV (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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