Jenna Wolfe: Workouts for Office, Home, Hotel on Today Show (Video)

A frequent contributor to the Today Show, NBC News’ Jenna Wolfe was live in studio 1A to discuss her journey towards becoming certified as a personal fitness trainer. In the overview video below, she talks about the years of working with individuals — celebrities as well as viewers — in helping them get into shape. She shared details of her lifelong passion for fitness which had its beginnings with her interest in sports as a child and now has culminated both in her study and work to get her certification, and the clients whom she works with in her spare time.

While on the show, she shared some workouts that help people in real world situations — there’s an office workout, a hotel workout for travelers as well as a TV workout. These are the same workouts featured in brief in the broadcast, during which she led co-anchors Lester Holt and Erica Hill in a live demo.

You can see a detailed explanation of the workouts as well as a series of Web-only video — in this very informative article here.

You can also check out all of these videos below! These are some well-crafted workouts which are customizable based on your fitness level. I think she has done a fabulous job. Try them and/or let us know what you think, Skinny Bliss readers!

Office Workout 5 exercises to do at your desk

Hotel Workout — Deck of Cards Workout

Home Workout — TV Workout

And finally, should you find yourself at the gym here are 5 great routines to pursue!




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