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Jarvez Hall Loses 281 Pounds: Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: Season 2 Finale

Jarvez Hall of Portland, Oregon and his amazing 281 pound weight loss is featured on season 2 finale, episode 8 of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. The episode had its broadcast premiere on Sunday, August 19, 2012 on ABC. The next day, August 20 he was featured on Good Morning America to share with viewers how he is doing after his dramatic weight loss success. You can see the video below.

A former star football player in high school who aspired to play for the NFL, his weight at 28 presents a shocking contrast — 548 pounds — from his earlier athletic self, as a 300 or so pound lineman.

He had played football for Oregon State University (OSU) and took part in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl Team with the team alongside teammates who would go on to play for the NFL, including TJ Houshmanzedah and Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco). In fact, it is at the 10th year reunion of the team at the OSU stadium where he first meets Chris Powell and knows that he has been selected. He wrote to him right before getting married, as his new bride, Adriana, gave him further motivation to lose the weight once and for all.

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Overweight all of his life, and never criticized for it — in high school, in fact, he was celebrated for being big, and welcomed as a 300 pound linesman on the football team. But when his mother died of complications from sickle cell anemia when he was just 17 years old he could not cope with his grief and turned to food. He revisited restaurants where he and his mother went, ordering their favorite dishes. He confessed that he would hit drive-through windows and order what he called “snacks” rather than “meals.” Over the course of ten years since college he had gained more than 200 pounds.

Unlike other participants who are often struggling through the tough first workout, Jarvez not only is able to do 50 pushups just minutes after being weighed on the freight scale and learning his his starting weight is 548 pounds, but he sails through the rigorous first workout, saying nothing but “What’s next?” until finally there is no “next.”

His first goal was to lose 135 pounds in 90 days. He was on a blistering workout schedule; 3-6 hours of daily cardio along with 3 days of strength training, on a 2,000 calorie a day diet. With his unrelenting focus, he lost 142 pounds. His added incentive; two Superbowl XLV tickets. He not only attended the game, but also took part in the interactive Superbowl Experience — which puts participants into an NFL style football workout — alongside Green Bay Packers NFL great Ahman Green.

He made tremendous progress was weight 358 pounds after six months. His wife, Adriana, was emotionally supportive and took part by eating similar meals and workouts. But suddenly he developed vertigo, and was unable to workout for a month. The setback caused him to miss his next weight loss goal.

As have all participants, Jarvez loses so much weight with a combination of diet and exercise; the diet is the carb cycle diet which Chris Powell outlines in detail in a new book, Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. The exercise routine is available as a DVD, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout.

A year later despite setbacks, in the reveal scene, at the Oregon State campus, Jarvez Hall had a final weight of 267 pounds! He had lost more than half of his original 548 pounds — a staggering 281 in just 365 days! Not only that but he easily can slip on his old football jersey from the OSU team.

You can see Jarvez Hall’s before and after weight loss photos in the video below.

The Fat Diminisher

For a detailed, scene-by-scene recap of the full episode click here. In the epilogue we learn that Jarvez and his wife (who lost 45 pounds during that same year) are expecting their first child, and that although he had gained 20 pounds, he is regaining his focus to lose it and to maintain his weight.

The official show participant Jarvez Hall biography is here. You can also find him at his official Facebook page.

If you missed this episode, you can see the full replay video on demand for free at the ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Web site, here.

A 281 weight loss in a year is extraordinary — in fact, living up to the show title, it is extreme! Let us know what you think of Jarvez Hall on the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition season 2 finale!

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The Fat Diminisher

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