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Janet Jackson Is Nutrisystems’ New Celebrity Spokesperson

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Janet Jackson has been announced as a spokesperson for Nutrisystems, in a campaign entitled ‘Get On It’ that will begin running in December 2011. In an interview on Good Morning America on December 15, 2011, (video above) the iconic music superstar and younger sister of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, talked with ABC News’ Juju Chang about her struggles with weight loss and her decision to work with the company.

She has spoken openly with her lifelong struggles with food and battling her weight, and wrote about it in her memoir, True You:A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself. In the interview on GMA, she talked about these struggles, saying that ice cream was among her comfort foods as well as healthy foods, sometimes, that she ate too much of.

She said she didn’t like her body image, and such feelings date back to her days of appearing on the sitcom Good Times at age 10 and being told she needed to lose weight. The experience was all the more damaging, as she was told she was maturing too fast, and her chest was flattened with binding for her appearances on the show. Throughout her life, she said that she has “picked herself apart” and had a lifelong struggle with self-acceptance and body image.

As a spokesperson for Nutrisystsms, she said, “My success plan is to be healthy.” She added that she believes women all have that “pair of jeans that we have a relationship with.” She declined to say how many pounds she plans to lose, nor did she reveal her starting weight or goal weight. She said that she does not want people to fixate on numbers.

An article in USA Today discusses her weight fluctuations — recently in 2006 weighing 180 and losing 60 pounds in 2008 (she is 5’4″ according to the article) — and her current diet and exercise routine. She now works out six days a week, incorporating running 3 miles. She says:

“I try to be consistent. Right now, I’ve been on this kick of running outdoors.”

According to the New York Times, she will be appearing in TV commercials as a part of the Get On It campaign:

Ms. Jackson is appearing in two 60-second Nutrisystem ads, which weave a more casual persona together with her preparations for a concert. The spots will be officially broadcast starting Dec. 26.“You see her different facets — her in jeans, as authentic and natural, and you see the performance side,” said Mark Dowley, a principal at DDCD & Partners, an independently owned New York agency that handled the campaign.

Check out the full article at which examines the new trend this year of the three major weight loss companies — Weight Watchers and Jennifer Hudson; Jenny (formerly known as Jenny Craig) and Mariah Carey; and now Nutrisystems and Janet Jackson — using superstar music divas in their promotions.

I’ve appreciated Janet Jackson’s candor about her weight loss struggles, and I can certainly relate, having started dieting at age 11, and struggling with emotional eating which was at variance with my desire to be slender.

It is not easy, and often when we are young we get into that cycle of feeling bad about her appearance and turning to food for comfort and compounding the misery. No matter what our circumstances and success in the rest of our lives we may face those same changes when it comes to diet, weight management and our relationship with food. Of course, the deck is stacked against us in this food saturated environment which Dr. David Kessler calls conditioned hypereating in his landmark book, The End of Overeating.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below on the new Get On It campaign. Let us know what you think of Janet Jackson as a Nutrisystems spokesperson and her candor about her weight loss journey.

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