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James Garrison Loses 313 Pounds on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

James Garrison, of Fort Worth, Texas has set a record in losing 313 pounds in one year on the ABC TV reality series Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition under the guidance of trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell.

Starting out, at age 26 years old and 6’4″ tall, his weight was 651 pounds. He began using food as comfort when a knee injury prevented him from pursing a professional football career and a sedentary lifestyle of pursuing computers and electronics technology compounded the problem. He had at one point topped the scales at over 700 pounds when he began working out on his own, determined to lose weight.

As he began his work with Chris Powell, his 3 month goal was 150 pounds. His diet was a consisted of 2,000 calories per day  on Carb Cycle Solution used by all participants.  His  exercise routine consisted of  three workouts a day — two hours of cardio, one hour of strength training and a second cardio session in the evening.   At phase 3 he tipped the scale at 394 pounds meaning he lost 257 pounds in 9 months. He continued to lose weight in the last three months for a final weight was 338.

Despite some setbacks, including a week of hospitalization for pneumonia, James lost 313 pounds in the year!

Click here for James Garrison before and after photos and biography.

In the final scene of the show, he said to family, friends and supporters in the audience: “I’m glad I’m able to share this story with the world because I remember how lost I felt when I was over 700 pounds. And just knowing that maybe somebody out there is going to have some form of inspiration from what I was able to accomplish.”

He said that he wanted to inspire and motivate others, saying, “Until you run out of excuses for becoming a better you, you’re not going to.”

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvine took part in James’ weight loss journey as he participated with some members of the Dallas Cowboys in a grueling workout to challenge him and reignite his motivation.

James Garrison was interviewed after the completion of the program and said of his success:

“The lowest point of my life was when I was over 715 pounds,” Garrison says in a phone interview, explaining why he decided to do the show. “You never hear stories of anyone ever coming back from weighing that much and coming back to lead a normal, healthy lifestyle…. I want the next person who finds themselves in that boat to look at my story and say, ‘Well, if that guy can do it, I can.'”

See the full article at the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Did you see the episode?   It was quite inspiring.   I was impressed by how focused and dedicated he was in undergoing those hours of intense workouts and his determination to succeed.

You can watch an excerpt below or see the full episode at ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition official Web site.

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