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How to Stop Bloating: Tips from Joy Bauer, Today Show (Video)

Bloating can be an annoyance, as it keeps you from looking and feeling your best. As you are losing weight or maintaining your weight, you may from time to time have to cope with the puffiness and extra pounds of water weight. But what can you do to stop it?

Nutritionist Joy Bauer of the Today Show (on July 29, 2011) offered some tips in a segment entitled How to Beat the Bloat which you can see in the video above. She also wrote about this topic for the August issue of Women’s Day magazine.

First of all, she identifies the types of bloating we may be experiencing and the kinds of foods that may be the cause and offer some remedies to bring relief. While some of these foods may be healthy foods for weight loss and weight management, we may need to make adjustments in how we prepare them or in the quantities that we eat.

Possible cause of bloating.

Too much salt which can cause water retention or foods that make us gassy and thus pump us up with air.

Beans and legumes can cause gas and can leave an uncomfortable feeling. It may be necessary to limit consumption to one cup a day.

Consuming fiber supplements can cause bloating especially if you do not begin slowly. Drink plenty of water.

Calcium supplements with calcium carbonate can cause bloating for some people. Switch to calcium citrate to avoid this problem.

Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower can also cause She recommends that they be lightly cooked before consuming. As with beans you may need to limit quantities.

Sugar free candies frequently contain sugar alcohols; these are sorbitol and malitol and other ingredients ending with “tol.” Excessive consumption can cause gas and an uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Too many carbohydrates at once. Eating a large amount of pasta or a large bagel in one sitting will draws in water, and will cause a temporary weight gain next morning. Cut back on portion size.

Remedies to help beat bloating…

Scan labels and pick foods that are low in sodium.

Probiotics which aid in digestion and can help you lose the bloating.

Beano is a natural enzyme that can help in digestion of beans and vegetables.

Cooked vegetables are easier on the digestive system than raw vegetables.

Make sure you are chewing thoroughly to minimize consumption of air.

Avoid carbonated beverages if you are feeling bloated as these will compound the problem.

Try sipping peppermint, ginger or fennel tea which are all herbs that can help dispel gas.

For more helpful tips, check out Joy Bauer’s article: 7 Tips for Beating the Bloat.

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