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How to Reduce Cellulite with Diet

There are creams and gels sold promising relief from cellulite. But is there another approach? Can diet reduce cellulite? While there is no miracle food that is a magic bullet, there are foods to exclude and foods to include in a weight loss plan which will help in the reduction of cellulite, the much hated lumpy fat tissue that affects a high percentage of women no matter what their weight may be.  (Click here for more on cellulite).

We need to be aware that many are capitalizing on our anxieties and insecurities about our bodies and selling us products promising instant relief.  Whether they work or don’t work is a matter of dispute and discussion, but if you are planning that route, be sure to check out customer reviews before plunking down any money.

That said, we can look at our dietary options. In the video above, Shape magazine’s Bahar Takhtehcian offers some tips and pointers of how to use healthy foods to lose weight in combating cellulite.

First of all, eat on a schedule to avoid skipping meals and/or grabbing something unhealthy, say from a vending machine, on the go.

Second, optimize your diet with foods that will not contribute empty calories. Get rid of white flour and any foods made out of it. Refined carbohydrate is nutritionally void and contributes nothing but calories to your diet. Refined carbohydrates, which are higher in simple sugars, are also linked to increased belly fat, as well as cellulite.

Instead, opt for whole grains which contain dietary fiber and will keep you fuller longer. Good choices include whole grain pasta.  We can also look at such grains as steel cut oats, and brown rice as optimal choices as well.

Seek out good fats, including avocado, nuts and seeds but don’t go overboard. Use in moderation as they are high in calories and it’s so easy overeat.

Don’t do cheat days. Spending an entire day off your diet may make it hard to return.   If it helps you just have one cheat meal per week. (For some, even this one cheat meal this may trigger cravings, especially if prone to emotional eating.)

Use bold, spicy flavors to enhance your meals and help you to stay focused on the foods allowed on your diet.   But you should stick with a single bold flavor — too much variety will trigger appetite and perhaps lead to overeating. She recommends picking something spicy — the  found in cayenne pepper is a good choice, as the capsican will help to suppress appetite as well as raise metabolism. Other good choices include the turmeric which is found in curry powder.

As noted, no one single food is a magic bullet, but an overall healthy diet, eliminating problematic foods laden with salt, sugar and, as noted refined carbohydrates will help in weight loss efforts and will help in release of toxins which, in turn will improve the appearance of your skin.   Getting adequate water is also crucial.   Check out the video below for some additional tips.

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