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Holiday Workouts: A Roundup of Fitness Tips and Tricks

The holiday season is here once again and who says it has to spell doomsday for dieting and weight loss efforts? Staying motivated in daily workouts is a key component to getting through the season without gaining weight. Your schedule may be more hectic during the season, with shopping trips, gatherings with family, friends and/or colleagues, not to mention all those close encounters with eggnog, sugar cookies, chocolate truffles, gingerbread men, and other tempting holiday favorites.


As a follow-up to the holiday dieting tips, let’s take a look at what the buzz is around the Web on best ways to burn more fat. As always, the caveat; if you have been sedentary and/or have health challenges, be sure to consult with a qualified health professional before starting an exercise routine. If you’ve already been exercising and workout out, be careful to not overdue it in hopes of burning off last night’s party or banquet. While intensive cardiovascular and strength training workouts boost metabolism and help us burn more fat throughout the day, remember too that studies have shown that we benefit from adding more activity — technically known as non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) — in our daily lives. Even an extra 15 minute walk is worthwhile.

That said, let’s check out the roundup!

Here’s a time-saving, intensive HIIT (high intensity interval training) 30-minute treadmill workout. You’ll be at a moderate pace for three minutes, with a one minute sprint. []

Check out another HIIT treadmill workout which can be adapted for other workout machines such a stationary bike or an elliptical. For a 25 to 30 minute investment of your time you can burn calories and boost your metabolism. [Blissful Belle]

Pressed for time? Instead of skipping a workout altogether, try some of these easy 15 minute routines that you can fit in your busy schedule, at home or on the go. [Fit Sugar]

Here are a number of very helpful tips and pointers to get you through the holiday season from Lisa Eirene who 110 pounds with diet and exercise. I always find it fascinating to know what exactly people are doing who have not just lost the weight, but successfully kept it off. Check out what she has to say. [110 Pounds and Counting.]

Check out a compilation of several different workouts ranging in length from 15 to 30 minutes; most can be performed at home. [Bounce Fitness]

For more tips, check out fitness model Kim Strother’s holiday workout in the video below. She puts an emphasis on working multiple muscle groups to increase the cardiovascular benefits along with the strengthening and toning you’ll get as well.

Skinny Bliss readers, do you some exercise and workout tips that have helped you during the holidays? Let us know in the comments section!

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