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Harvard Study on Red Meat Health Risks Outlined in a Shocking Infographic

You may have heard about the recently published Harvard study on health risks of red meat; it made for some alarming headlines and news reports, revealing that consumption of red meat is associated with a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well an increase overall of death. Conducted by researchers, led by Frank Hu, at the Harvard University School of Public Health, it was published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

Statistics from the study paint a bleak picture of red meat consumption — of both processed red meat and unprocessed — for anyone interested in pursuing health and longevity. If nothing, they should deal a death blow to the phony concept of “everything in moderation.” It’s hard to advocate “moderation” when the research shows that as little as one daily serving of unprocessed red meat — which they define as the size of a deck of cards — is associated with a 13 percent risk of death. For processed meats — defined as two bacon slices or a hot dogs — is associated with a 20 percent increased risk. Trouble is, the deck-of-card portion size, 3 ounces — along with portion sizes overall have become so greatly supersized to the point that even maintaining normal weight is a challenge. (And, as an aside, recently the expose on pink slime in some processed meats, has also drawn attention and outrage.)

You can find out more about the study from the official press release here. And this is one of the many news articles here that sums it up well.

But the Infographic tells the story in a way that we might even find shocking. Let’s see what it has to say…..

Alarming? Sure, but so is the suffering and death from preventable and unnecessary disease. While emotions always are heightened when common foods so familiar in the average diet — often swathed in nostalgia memories and longstanding family traditions — come into question, it’s time to get serious and get out of denial and confront the solid scientific research such as this Harvard study outlining clearly the health risks of red meat.

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