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‘Half Their Size’ People Magazine: Weight Loss Special Edition on ABC 20/20 (Full Video)

Some of the women featured in People Magazine’s Half Their Size issue were featured on ABC 20/20 on Friday, January 4, 2013 on a special edition of the program, focusing on weight loss stories, anchored by ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas. Always highly anticipated at this time of year, the magazine is on newsstands now; it marks the 11th year of the annual issue.


The women and men whose compelling stories are featured in People magazine are a part of this special 20/20 episode; Richard Neal, Ashley Donahoo, Caroline Jhingory and Leah Fernandez.

Richard Neal who went from 426 pounds to 200 pounds appeared live on ABC’s GMA, and his story was also profiled; video here. As ABC News reports, Ashley Donahoo, at age 25 weighed 288 pounds and had begun to suffer with failing health. She was concerned about the impact on her children as well as her husband, who became instrumental in encouraging her to make the changes she needed.

Caroline Jhingory at her heaviest weighed 303 pounds, and no longer knew the person she saw in the mirror.

Leah Fernandez topped the scale at 251 pounds in part due to the baby weight from two pregnancies she never lost. Watch the video below, featuring these stories.

You can read more on their stories and see before and after pictures at

Other segments in the program included a follow-up with reality TV star Ruby Gettinger, of Style Network’s eponymous program “Ruby,” who, at more than 700 pounds revealed for the cameras her struggle with food addition, and her ongoing efforts to lose the weight and restore her health. The program catches up with her in a “where are they now” feature to see how she has been doing since the program was on television. After losing nearly half her weight — her lowest recorded weight on the show was 357 — she gained some weight after the death of her brother and went up to 400 pounds. Presently, she is at around 360 pounds. Watch the video below.

Additional features: How to maintain the weight loss; click here to watch the video.

Stars who help their sidekicks lose weight, including Kathy Griffin’s assistant who lost the equivalent of “an Olsen twin” and Joe Jonas’ guitarist who lost 150 lbs. Watch the video here.

Also featured, a segment on the online acai berry diet scam; video here.

The above video clips comprise the entire hour of 20/20’s January 4, 2013 episode. If you would like to watch the full replay video of the program from beginning to end, rather than in segments, you can click here to watch the full-episode video, free and on demand, with minimal commercial interruption.

In the meantime, not surprisingly, this program has provoked much discussion in social media; particularly on Twitter. You can also follow the conversation on this episode on Twitter @ABC2020 with hash tag #2020WeightLoss. The program is considering doing a follow-up episode based on viewer feedback.

Also check out the photo gallery from the People Magazine Half their Size 2013 issue; see the before and after photos here.

Skinny Bliss readers, let us know what you think of the 20/20 special episode on weight loss. Inspiring? Helfpul? Motivating?

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