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Gabe Evans Loses 200 Pounds, Shoots Documentary: Why Am I So Fat?

Not only did filmmaker Gabe Evans lose 200 pounds — in 10 months! — he has also shot a documentary, Why Am I So Fat? Trailer video is above. The forthcoming film features four additional people who are in the midst of their weight loss journey, as well as interviews with fitness and nutrition experts to explore and explain the science behind successful weight loss.

Gabe Evans’ efforts are beginning to receive notice in the media. From a recent article, we learn a little about what he did to lose so much so fast as well as how the documentary is progressing. He starting filming “Why am I So Fat?” after having lost 75 pounds in the first three months.

“Evans has been establishing a new relationship with food by working with Tony Hale, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist who said people need to pay close attention to what they are eating.

“I would say – coming from a guy who gets paid to train people in a gym – it’s 90 percent what you eat,” Hale said. “It’s not a lack of willpower. It’s usually a situation where our body is missing things that it needs to have and it’s screaming at you to give it something else that can replace that.”

The full article is here. He could have significant impact in getting this message out, and demonstrating how lifestyle changes he made, as mentioned in the article — cooking healthy, whole foods for himself and going to the gym three times a week — can produce results for anyone.

Gabe Evans is financing his movie through You can also find out much more at the official Web site:

Be sure to watch the trailer video of “Why Am I So Fat?” above if you haven’t yet. He addresses weight loss as it needs to be addressed, in the context of our current food supply. From the official site:

“How does modern food production, the rise of synthetics and use of preservatives in our food affect the way our body operates? What if you could look at your own body chemistry and understand why you crave the foods you crave the most? What if you could correct those cravings? What bodily system malfunctions or improperly operating organs are most commonly responsible for weight gain and obesity? Would you say thyroid? I think you’ll be surprised. It’s time the public had the answers to these questions.”

I couldn’t agree more. I was glad to find out about Gabe Evans’ 200 pound weight loss and his forthcoming documentary, “Why Am I So Fat?”

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