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First Lady Michelle Obama’s Workout Routine on the Road

First Lady Michelle Obama discussed in a recent interview the workout routine she uses to when on the road traveling. She has been much in the news, raising awareness of the Let’s Move! initiative to combat childhood obesity, which is celebrating its second anniversary.

First Lady Michelle Obama fitness challenge
We have seen her winning form with push-ups with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime TV talk show and she has had a fitness challenge with Jimmy Fallon, on with late night television besting both of them.

So what are some of her secrets? In interviews, the First Lady has talked about her White House exercise routine and there has long been much speculation about how to do the Michelle Obama arm workout. Now in a recent interview with SIRIUS XM host Joe Madison she talked about what she does while traveling.

Here’s the rundown:

“….I brought a jump rope and in my hotel room, I got up this morning and I jump roped. I did seven sets of 500, so by the time I finished I had done about 3500 jumps…I had my cardio in, took a shower, got ready, got dressed and I’m here.”

Wonderfully simple and easy to replicate! We don’t have to rely on hotel treadmills and hoping that workout rooms are open when we want to work out.

The First Lady has demonstrated longstanding discipline which is crucial to keeping to workout routines. She talked later in the interview about the pre-White House days and how, as a working mother of two small daughters, she was still able to maintain her workouts:

“I would get up in the morning, my mom would come over if Barack was traveling and he wasn’t home so that I could get up. I got up at 4:30 am in the morning to go the gym and get that done before the girls got up so by the time I got back they were just getting up to get ready for school. But I prioritized that. I…said I would sleep a little bit less [and] go to bed early, but if I don’t get that done in the beginning of the day, the day just gets away….you go to work and work takes over.”

Check out more interview excerpts at Lynn Sweet.

I’ve written about workout routines on the road and bodyweight workouts from time to time, as I think it is so crucial, even if we don’t travel, to have the skill and knowledge of what to do to workout no matter where. Adverse weather and other circumstances may keep us at home, or, conversely perhaps stuck at the airport so it’s good to not have to worry about what to do to keep moving, motivated and fit.

For even more tips on fitness while traveling — along with diet tips for the road, to help you in staying on a healthy, whole food plant-based diet, check out Lani Muelrath’s recent article — based on her own travel experiences — on staying fit and maintaining a plant-strong diet anywhere in the world, even in the remote jungles of Panama! Yes, sticking to the diet is a key component and Lani gives some great tips to help.

Also, check out the video below for the basics of jump rope routines and how they can benefit your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Skinny Bliss readers, please let us know what you have found helps you to keep fit and working out on the road! Has a jump rope routine helped you as it has First Lady Michelle Obama?

Photo credit: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

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