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Drew Manning, Fit2Fat2Fit Trainer Nightline Video: Interview with JuJu Chang

You can watch the full video of the long-awaited Drew Manning, Fit2Fat2Fit trainer’s Nightline interview with JuJu Chang from Monday here. It is the first look and the reveal of the Utah-based personal fitness trainer’s weight loss after purposefully gaining more than 70 pounds, beginning in May 2011, and ending in November that same year when he reversed and began to lose the weight he had gained so quickly.

He embarked on the endeavor to be able to empathize with his overweight and obese clients who found weight loss and working out a difficult challenge. He wanted to learn firsthand what they experienced in coping with setbacks such as food addiction and weight loss plateaus, none of which had he ever experienced. In gaining the weight and then demonstrating how to lose it, he wanted to inspire and motivate.

His story went viral and he made several television appearance and now has a his newly published book, Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose.

Now a year has gone by and we can all see the final results of Drew Manning’s transformation. We have seen the “fit to fat” journey unfold as the chiseled 6’2″ 193 pound trainer became a sedentary, food addicted 265 pound obese man.

Now we can see the “fat to fit” journey in the full replay video below.

The Fat Diminisher

He speaks of his transition from a healthy diet to embracing the processed foods that are far to prevalent in the standard American diet — white bread, potato chips, cereals, cakes, doughnuts, granola bars, as well as fast foods, juice, soft drinks, etc. — and as his struggle to give them up, and understanding for the first time that food addiction is a real addiction, not a metaphor. Giving up his workouts proved difficult, but so too did the struggle to return to the gym and begin the strength training and routines to return to his previous fitness level. We learn too of the emotional challenges he underwent, as well as how the journey impacted his wife, Lynn Manning, and their two-year-old daughter. These are some of the “unexpected lessons.”

Yes, it’s no secret now that Drew Manning succeeded reaching a final weight of around 190 pounds! You can see a full gallery of Drew Manning’s before and after weight loss photos here.

He has succeeded in his mission to help others, as not only did the story get international attention, it enabled him and his wife to offer diet and fitness tips and strategies to a growing community of followers both at his Web site Fit2Fat2Fit and on Facebook and Twitter @fit2fat2fit who themselves have made strides to lose weight in the safe and healthy manner.

Below is a bonus video in which Drew Manning reveals some of his weight loss tips. Please share your thoughts on the Fit2Fat2Fit trainer’s weight gain and weight loss journey as seen on Nightline!

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The Fat Diminisher

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