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Drew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit Trainer: Interview with Dr. Drew on HLN (Video)

Drew Manning, the Fit2Fat2Fit trainer made an appearance on the ‘Dr. Drew’ show on HLN (video above) and was interviewed by the eponymous host in November 2011. Alongside his wife, Lynn, he talked about the mission he has undertaken which has drawn international attention; the fit and healthy personal fitness trainer purposefully gain more than 70 pounds in six months by eating a typical American diet of processed foods and soft drinks.

Drew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit BeforeDrew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit - Week 24

Drew Manning (before and after weight gain images above).

In the interview he outlined the reasons for the on-purpose weight gain; to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be overweight, as it was never something he had had to struggle with, and learn more about the physical and emotional struggles.

Asked about what he ate to gain the weight he said he ate whatever is tasty, convenient and affordable. Sugary cereals, white bread, white pasta, granola bars, cookies, juices, cookies, macaroni and cheese, frozen foods. He also ate fast food twice a week.

Asked if he was an “exercise bulimic,” i.e., addicted to exercise, he said, “I felt I was addicted.” He went through withdrawal for the first couple of months. He said he had not anticipated the mental and emotional factors. He noted that he went through periods of sadness, some triggered by the regret he felt over not having the energy to play with his two-year-old daughter.

He has developed some of the health problems typical of obesity in just those few months including sleep apnea, fatty liver and, in the words of one of his doctors, “the kidneys of an alcoholic.” His cholesterol was normal, but he had developed hypertension; his blood pressure was 161/115. (For more on the toll the bad diet and weight gain has caused him, click here to see the video and blog post of his consultation with his doctor, Dr. Warren Willey.)

He said he expected the weight loss phase to be hard, as it is something he has never undertaken. Thousands are following him. He said, “If I can get people to change their lifestyles to get healthier it makes it worth the risk.”

He outlined his diet plan to lose the weight over the next six months. He said that he will change his diet for the first month and will start exercise the second month. Exercise will be added in phases. Bodyweight exercise to unilateral movements to resistance training.

Thus far, he is off to a great start, as of his Nov. 26, 2011 weigh in, he was at 250.4 pounds meaning he has lost 15 pounds from his all-time high of 265.2 pounds on Nov. 5, 2011. I’ve been following the story as it unfolds and what strikes me is how rapidly he developed the health problems. Hypertension, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease and kidney problems all within six months! More than anything it puts weight gain and obesity into the proper perspective; it is not about fitting into skinny jeans, bikinis, or one’s high school prom dress, it’s about taking charge and regaining health and wellness in spite of being in a culture and society glutted with so many unhealthy foods that, sadly, can become literally addicting.

All of the videos, blog posts, and resources such as meal plans, shopping lists, exercise routines and an interactive online forum with thousands of members see his official Web site Fit2Fat2Fit and Facebook fan page.

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