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Dr. Robert Lustig on Toxic Sugar: Good Morning America Interview (Video)

Dr. Robert Lustig, the outspoken University of California pediatric endocrinologist who is raising public awareness of sugar and its toxic effects and negative health consequences, made an appearance on ABC Good Morning America and was interviewed by guest co-anchor Katie Couric to discuss the latest research on sugar.

He was recently featured on CBS 60 Minutes in a segment entitled, Is Sugar Toxic, which you can watch here.

His YouTube video lecture — Sugar: The Bitter Truth (link). — has gone viral with more than 2 million views. Asked by Couric if he was surprised it had been so widely viewed, he said, “Yes, considering what’s in it, actually, yes. It’s a 90-minute lecture on carbohydrate biochemistry.”

He explained the problem is “not just sugar — that’s what the media has picked up on — it’s processed food in general. Tt’s the removal of fiber and addition of sugar that is problematic.”

Click here to watch the full video at Good Morning America’s Web site. The background piece on sugar consumption can be seen here; it demonstrates the effect that consuming sugar has on the pancreas and ultimately the entire body. Dr. Richard Besser’s tips for cutting sugar consumption — mentioned in the video report — can be seen here.

The Good Morning America interview with Dr. Robert Lustig is just a quick introduction to a very serious public health crisis well documented in scientific research. You can learn more by checking out the study he and researchers published earlier this year, “Public health: The Toxic Truth about Sugar,” published in Nature Magazine, making the case for regulating sugar as a controlled substance; an introductory article is here.

With each appearance on television — now this latest on GMA — the message is getting out, of just how toxic sugar really is! It’s much more than an enemy to dieting and weight loss. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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