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Dr. Mark Hyman on Inflammation and Weight Gain

Mark Hyman, M.D. discusses the role of inflammation in weight gain and what to do about it. His approach is revealed in detail in two of his New York Times bestsellers books, UltraMetabolism and The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days.

He notes that being inflamed leads to overweight, obesity and illness. It is a vicious cycle — being inflamed makes you sick and fat and being sick and fat makes you inflamed. While inflammation is helpful in acute situations, when the body is injured or has an infection such as a cold and needs to heal, chronic inflammation, in contrast goes unnoticed and can have serious consequences over time. He also notes that hidden food allergies can play a role in such inflammation. Stress and lack of exercise can also play a role.

The symptoms are delayed, subtle and sometimes difficult to detect. Fluid retention, fatigue, mood disorders, sinus troubles, headache, acne, etc. are some of the possible symptoms.

Dr. Hyman considers this an unrecognized epidemic. Most health practitioners are not even aware of how to approach or treat this. It is what he does in medical practice to help people get better quickly.

Eating foods to which you are sensitive can cause inflammation and if that is the case, he note, you are not alone. There are 24 million with autoimmune illnesses. There are an estimated 50 million with allergic disease and over 60 million with irritable bowel syndrome. All of these illnesses are connected to inflammation.

Why are we so sensitive to foods, leading to inflammation? What is going on? What has gone wrong? He says that food is not just energy, but is information. It can be good information from phytonutrients from plant foods, for instance. Food can also be bad information from allergens and toxins. A problem arises when we experience what is called increased intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut. This means that the contents of our intestines leach into the body and the immune system reacts to it.

So what to do? Detox from these foods for a week. It’s necessary to do this to detect whether you are experiencing delayed symptoms. The one-week plan gives your body a rest from all of this and can lead to fast weight loss, as well! As Dr. Hyman puts it, get rid of the bad stuff and eat the good stuff, and the body does the rest. Check out more details in the video below, which spells out what to do. For more on Dr. Hyman and his weight-loss approach, be sure to check out his blog

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