Dr. Joel Fuhrman, ‘Eat to Live’ Author on Rapid Weight Loss

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the author of Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, which has been reissued in a revised edition.

He  discusses the rapid weight loss that is possible, first by posing the question,  Why are we fat to begin with is the question?   It is the diet that many people consume;  processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugar, and animal products. He says people who eat this kind of food experience “toxic hunger” because the body and the brain are craving nutrients.

So how does it work? The diet plan puts a strong emphasis on consuming nutrient dense, whole, natural plant-based foods.  Ironically the infamous cabbage diet (a.k.a. Sacred Heart Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, etc.) was on the right track, with its eat all the nonstarchy vegetables you want days.   But the diet  — typical of crash diets and fad diets — causes nutritional deficiency and extreme caloric deprivation which is not sustainable; yes, you lose weight, but it’s  mainly water weight loss, quickly regained with normal eating patterns.

In the well-named Eat to Live approach, the calorie deficit is not extreme, and there are no ritualistic combinations of food. Instead, by eating nutritionally dense foods you are naturally lowering your caloric intake yet not experiencing the toxic hunger that leads to food cravings, overeating and binging. In this case, the fast weight loss comes from making these profound changes in the diet and making a transition to healthy foods to lose weight and later to maintain weight which can also improve your health.    It may begin as a diet for quick weight loss, but for those who stick with it and make the changes, it can be transformational.

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