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Dolvett Quince, Biggest Loser Trainer: Interview, Weight Loss Tips

Dolvett Quince is one of two new trainers on The Biggest Loser, the popular NBC reality TV series now entering its 12 season. In an interview, he talks about what it has been like for him to work with the young team participants at the ranch thus far on the show. He also shares some weight loss and fitness tips and steps to take when getting started. He is seen weekly on the show alongside veteran trainer Bob Harper and the other new trainer, tennis star Anna Kournikova. The two have replaced replaced Jillian Michaels who, along with Harper, had been with the show since its debut.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based trainer Dolvett Quince has a rooster of celebrity clients including music artists Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber. and works with people of all ages and fitness levels at the facility he founded, Body Sculptor Inc. He also has a popular workout DVD, ‘Me & My Chair: The No Excuses Workout.’

Dolvett Quince discussed his approach on The Biggest Loser in a recent interview (video above). He talked about how he helps people get over their emotional barriers on when they first begin to exercise to lose weight. He said it comes down to being a good listener. “If you listen to what a person is saying, truly listen, I think you can help them find a way to navigate their way through the pain.”

In the video below he goes into some detail about his background and how he got started as a personal fitness trainer in Atlanta. He said he was a fan of the show and he got a surprise phone call from NBC asking him to audition. He said of his coaching style, “I’m going to be intense, but fair.” He said he is the right combination of intensity and softness.

He offered some weight loss tips:

If you have a sedentary life start walking. Start being active. Park farther away from the building than you normally park. Make better choices in terms of portion sizes and start an exercise routine.

Click here to read another interview. You can follow Dolvett Quince’s blog to find out more about his work with the participants on the program. He writes a recap of each episode of the show.

For more on the new season — including pictures, full episode videos, recipes, diet and fitness tips, see the official NBC The Biggest Loser.

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