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Christie Morgan Weight Loss: Joy Fit Club Member Loses 221 Pounds (Video)

Christie Morgan is the latest member of nutritionist Joy Bauer’s ‘Joy Fit Club’ to be profiled on The Today Show. Her weight loss of 221 pounds in a year and a half, and the steps she took to be successful were revealed on Mon. February 6, 2012. The full video of the segment — with before and after photos — is at the end of this post.

Christie Morgan (picture above, right, with Joy Bauer) is 47 years old, a stay-at-home mother who lives in Lubbock, Texas. Before beginning her weight loss journey, her starting weight was 325 pounds. In the video profile she said she grew up in an Italian family and that it was from her grandmother that she developed her love for cooking. Her weight soared in 1995 after she had a baby. Several doctors told her that yo-yo dieting had caused her thyroid gland to stop functioning correctly and that she would probably have difficulty losing weight.

Her moment of truth came when she saw photos of herself taken at a family gathering, and she could see the pain in her eyes. In her words, “I decided my will was stronger than any analysis and I began counting calories, keeping a food diary and exercising. A year and a half later I had lost a total of 221 pounds.” She says she still loves to cook and spends lots of time in the kitchen, but that her relationship with food has changed and it has become a love affair rather than a fight. Expressing her resolve, she says, “Nothing is stronger than a strong will, and nothing, nothing tastes as good as that feels.”

She made an in-studio live appearance alongside Joy Bauer — who was doing jump rope during the entire segment, as part of her hour-long jump roping to celebrate the success of her 25,000 Pound Weight Loss Challenge — and revealed the stunning transformation from the starting weight of 325 pounds to her current weight of 104 pounds.

While little time in the segment was devoted to the specifics of the diet plan and exercise routine she used, it’s clear that what was crucial to Christie Morgan’s weight loss success was holding herself accountable; in her case, counting calories and keeping a food diary. She also talked about how she changed the way she views food. That’s what I found both impressive and inspiring. We may have all the diets and tips in the world — and yes, there are diets that work — but they mean nothing until we have the mindset to make the changes we need to make and to face any emotional challenges surrounding food that we may have. I never had lasting success in weight loss, and now weight management, until I started keeping a food diary.

As always, I enjoy finding and sharing a success story, and this one in particular as it illustrates why and how some people succeed despite obstacles — in Morgan’s case, being told she had a thyroid problem.

Watch the replay video to see the full story as well as Christie Morgan’s before and after weight loss photos. Please let us know what you think of her transformation!

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