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Chris Powell: 9-Minute Workout (Video) on The Dr. Oz Show

A 9-minute workout? Yes! On the The Dr. Oz Show, as a segment in many a show, thus far this year in January — as the annual New Year’s Resolution blitz continues — getting us off to a great start to meet weight loss and fitness goals, this energetic routine was presented by none other than Chris Powell, fitness trainer and host of ABC, Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and his wife, fellow trainer Heidi Powell. Solving one of the major excuses that can easily derail a well-intentioned New Year’s Resolution to get fit and/or to aid in weight loss, it’s hard to cling to the “I don’t have time” and “my schedule is too busy.” We all have 9 minutes!

You can see the full video — only nine minutes long! — below.

Studies show that even these short workouts — especially if spread out during the day — are effective. This is perfect for anyone who does not have large blocks of time.

Chris Powell, as mentioned, is noted for the amazing transformations he has presented on his popular reality TV show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, working with the super obese – BMI more than 50 and/or needing to lose at least half of their body weight — and workouts have been a key component of success. His workout DVD, which is available on — Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout. — is also popular, as is the diet plan, outlined in Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution.

Together with his wife, Heidi Powell, the trainer and fitness duo bring bountiful enthusiasm backed by knowledge of exercise physiology and how to get maximum results in such a limited time. Exercise is a key component of any health enhancing routine, no matter what your goals — lose weight, maintain weight loss, build muscle mass, etc. I recommend it, it’s challenging but achievable, and you have that amazing feeling of satisfaction of staying on track with 2013 goals and resolutions.

Skinny Bliss readers, have you tried the workout? Let us know what you think!

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