Cayenne Pepper and Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Cayenne pepper is hyped as a quick weight loss solution. It has become synonymous with the crash diet also known as master cleanse, maple syrup diet and the Beyonce diet. You have likely seen many Web sites and many discussions in online forums about cayenne, and the passion to find out if it really works or not.

cayenne peppers

That said, there are numerous well documented health benefits of cayenne pepper. While not a magic ingredient that causes you to shed pounds overnight, it is very helpful as part of a balanced reduced calorie diet for weight loss.

It is one of those foods that genuinely speeds up metabolism. The active ingredient — capsaicin — has thermogenic properties, meaning that it raises the body temperature. A recent study at UCLA by David Heber, MD, PhD and colleagues confirmed this as have other studies –notably, Yasser Mahmoud’s study published in the Journal of Biochemistry, as reported in Science Daily.

The great thing about it is that it can be consumed as a supplement — check such online retailers as or for cayenne pepper capsules, which are quite inexpensive — and you can open these capsules and sprinkle them on your food, ensuring that you have a very fresh, and pungent extract. Just be careful about the amount you consume especially if you are not used to spicy foods or do not have a tolerance for them.

Instead of risking your health with a crash diet, you can instead add this healthy food for weight loss — both as a supplement and as a means to spice up your meals as you follow a diet that works for you for weight loss and in the long term maintenance phase.  Follow the link to find out even more about cayenne pepper and all that it can do for your health! Check out additional info on medicinal properties of the spicy peppers below!




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