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Carnie Wilson on Today Show on Her 2nd Weight Loss Surgery

Carnie Wilson has made headlines in recent weeks upon disclosing that in January 2012 she had lap-band surgery to lose weight, more than 10 years after her first surgery, gastric bypass, about which she went public and lost 150 pounds from her starting weight of approximately 300 pounds.

The singer and member of the trio Wilson Phillips (which performed live in a later segment on the show) was interviewed on the Today Show on April 3, 2012 by co-anchor Ann Curry and NBC Chief Medical Editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman. You can watch the full interview in the video above.

In the profile piece shown before the live studio interview, her struggles to keep the weight off are explored — her longtime food addiction and emotional eating which led her, after the birth of her chidren, to eventually regain two-thirds of the weight she had lost. Also revealed, what motivated her to take action. It was her appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in which he told her that with a blood sugar level of 100 she she was borderline diabetic. This motivated her to take action and to undergo the lap-band procedure which drastically reduces stomach size, to enable her to lose weight — 30 pounds to date. It was disclosed prior to the interview that Wilson has since become a paid spokesperson for Allergan, the developer of the surgical procedure.

During the live interview, she discussed her struggles with food. Dr. Nancy Snyderman stressed the importance of getting help and support to sustain a “total life change.” She pointed out that these surgical procedures are successful in the long-term only if people continue to pursue the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. If they revert to eating as they used to, they will gain weight. Carnie Wilson herself said, “The message isn’t about go out and get a surgery.” She went on to say, “This is about health. It’s not about what I look like.” She went on to talk about making proper food choices, that she was not eating sugar or white flour. Surgery is not the first-line treatment, Dr. Snyderman pointed out.

Nearly concurrently, new research has been getting a lot of publicity demonstrating how bariatric surgery can reverse diabetes very quickly. It begs the question, what if someone wants that same rapid reversal, but without the surgery?

Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!, poses that same question in a recent article in Huffington Post. Here’s what he had to say — and the answer encouraging to hear, if you are diabetic or borderline diabetic and don’t want surgery. Speaking of the patients who underwent the surgery in these studies, he noted that they improved because they had changed their diet. But how did the reversal happen that quickly?

“Most don’t realize that after gastric bypass, diabetes can disappear within a week or two while people are still morbidly obese. How does that happen? It is because food is the most powerful drug on the planet and real, whole, fresh food can turn on thousands of healing genes and hundreds of healing hormones and molecules that create health within days or weeks. In fact, what you put on your fork is more powerful than anything you can find in a prescription bottle.

He goes on to reveal why and how this happens:

“A recent study entitled Reversal of Type 2 diabetes: normalization of beta cell function in association with decrease pancreas and liver triglycerides proved that diet alone could reverse Type 2 diabetes. The bottom line: A dramatic diet change (protein shake, low glycemic load, plant-based low-calorie diet but no exercise) in diabetics reversed most features of diabetes within one week and all features by eight weeks. That’s right, diabetes was reversed in one week. That’s more powerful than any drug known to modern science, and is as or more effective than gastric bypass. But since it was a diet study, it got no press or attention. Other research proves that intensive lifestyle therapy can achieve the same results.

We don’t have to heal with steel, we can heal with meals.”

You can see the complete article here. It’s an encouragement to anyone who is facing that same challenge as Carnie Wilson recounted during her Today Show appearance and choosing to undergo a 2nd weight loss surgery. The alternatives to surgery may not get the attention in the media, but they are just as valid and, frankly, a lot more empowering.

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