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Best Diet, Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and Android: A Review Roundup

As we enter a New Year — emboldened perhaps with a resolution to lose weight for good this time — we will need the proper tools to stay on track and to monitor progress. Nowadays, help and support is literally at our fingertips 24/7/365 thanks to the latest in apps for both iPhone and Android. There are, in fact, so many of them, it can be a challenge to find what’s most suitable for your needs. Check out this roundup of recommendations to help get started.

From Shape Magazine comes a list of recommended apps for both iPhone and Android. All are free, check them out at

Here’s a list of 12 Diet and Weight Loss iPhone Apps. Most are free or 99 cents, with a few priced a bit higher, it’s a comprehensive roundup of what’s available from the free Nike Training Club programed with more than 85 workout routines to the Nutrition Menu – Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking app with a database of more than 93,000 foods to help you stay on track with your diet, for a mere 99 cents. Check out the full list: [

Worksmart Labs’ new app for Android is Noom and it’s getting a lot of buzz. Check out a review at NYTimes Gadgetwise.

For more fitness apps, here are 10 of them, ranging from the iTreadmill Pedometer which turns your iPhone into a pedometer and Navy SEAL Fitness…after all learn from the best! List is at SmartLife.

Check out another list…. 7 Best iPhone and Android Apps — including the popular free Lose It! app — from Daily Beast

You can also find apps by diet type. Here’s a list of free iPhone and Android Apps for vegan and vegetarian diets encompassing a variety of needs from food shopping to finding an appropriate restaurant. Check it out at Mind, Body and Spirit. Check out 5 of the top vegan iPhone apps at TLC.

And check out this list of iPhone apps for gluten-free diets at

Skinny Bliss readers, please let us know what are your favorite iPhone and Android apps for weight loss and diet? What’s working for you?

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