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Anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy PhD: The Starch-Based Diet Is the True Human Diet

Dartmouth College anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy, Ph.D. discusses in the video above his long-time research into the true human diet. He takes a rigorous and scholarly approach to uncovering the elements of the daily diet thousands of years ago. His conclusions may surprise you.

in his own words he summarizes his research by saying that after completing his doctoral and post doctoral work he has “since focused on the dietary adaptations of early human ancestors, with the aim of testing the hypothesis that starchy plant resources were vital foods and drivers of anatomical hallmarks in the human lineage.” You can read more about his background and research here.

In the video he talks about what humans ate and how and why they ate mostly plants, and beyond that, precisely were unique in seeking out and being able to digest starchy plants, i.e. tuberous vegetables such as potatoes and yams, as well as grains found in the wild and later cultivated. An examination of traditional foods around the world shows various cultures have relied on various starches whether rice in Asia or barley and rye in Europe or millet and corn in Africa. Humans eat and thrive on these foods because they have the enzyme amylase, to digest them. Dr. Dominy’s presentation in the video a refreshing examination of what we eat and why that is based on facts.

John McDougall, MD has drawn upon this kind of research and more in The Starch Solution and has had Dr. Dominy as a presenter at the McDougall Health and Medical Center. You can find out more about the starch-based diet plan — which I resoundingly recommend as it enabled me to not only lose the last 10 pounds effortlessly (really!) and to manage my weight and enjoy some wonderful starchy plant-based foods including yams, oatmeal, brown rice, millet, quinoa and much more — via the new book, available at as well as through some resources at is well worth checking out.

As for Nathaniel Dominy’s presentation, I found it refreshing, and far removed from endless marketing hype over what diet we are “supposed to be eating” — after all, without naming names, we all know there are diets with philosophies and/or numbers and/or acronyms in the names and book titles and a lot of “buzz” and yet, they aren’t always what’s best for our health or our long-term weight loss success. It makes far more sense to look at real science and evidence to find out more about the true human diet, the starch-based diet; happily it is one we can enjoy! Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

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