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Al Roker, Today Show Interview (Video): Weight Loss, ‘Never Goin’ Back,’ New Book

Al Roker spoke with NBC’s Matt Lauer on the Today Show in a live interview about his weight loss journey, as chronicled in his newly published memoir, Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good.

Full replay video is below, complete with a chronicle of his weight loss journey, before and after photos, as well as the interview.

His weight loss efforts over the past ten years were profiled in a video report by NBC’s medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who also joined Al Roker during the live interview. Despite the initial success of his bypass surgery, and his loss of more than 100 pounds, (eventually he lost 160 lbs. in total) he continued to battle his food addictions, which reoccurred during the time of his mother’s illness and he turned to food, as comfort and as a result added 40 pounds to his then 190 pound frame. This emotional eating became a wake-up call for Roker as for several years, he had maintained his weight at around 200 pounds.

He made a new commitment to revamping his diet — according to the report, Roker now only eats whole-foods, unprocessed foods described as “low in carbohydrates” and “high in protein”– as well as committing to an exercise plan, with three days per week of 30 minutes of strength training, as well as aerobic exercise (he is seen in the video running in New York’s Central Park) and indeed making a permanent lifestyle change has been the key to his success.

However, so virulent have been his food addictions that he talked about how food was somewhat of a third person in his marriage to Deborah Roberts. He said that presently he weighs himself twice a day, in the morning and at night, and that he is now working to lose the three pounds he gained recently during the New Year’s Day holiday.

You can see another video below as he discusses his diet.

I am so appreciative of Al Roker’s candor and appreciate that he has gone into such detail in his book — and such an empowering title; Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good.. It is difficult to admit such addictions. I was secretive about mine for many years; and yes, indeed I can relate to the food addictions, as that has been my lifelong battle as well. I keep away from trigger foods entirely, especially as we are learning nowadays from recent scientific research that addictions to foods high in salt, fat and/or sugar are just as real as addiction to cocaine or heroine.

And we know we certainly would not have a “cheat day” and snort cocaine! So it should not be any different with food! I continue to take issue with “all things in moderation” as harmful foods to which we are addicted can literally ruin our health and our lives. We certainly don’t want smokers smoking “in moderation!” Many have written about the subject, and here’s one such helpful article which you can read here, by famed whole-foods plant-based diet and nutrition expert and bestselling author Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Eat to Live.

Skinny Bliss readers, let us know what you think of Al Roker’s candor in speaking of his ultimate weight loss success.

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