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Abby Dale Weight Loss: Tim Gunn Makeover for Weight Watchers Inspiring Stories Contest Winner

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Imagine the thrill of losing nearly 100 pounds after a lifetime of being overweight, and keeping the weight off for seven months and counting with the help of Weight Watchers. That’s Abby Dale’s weight loss success story, but it doesn’t end there. She was among the many who submitted her story to the Weight Watchers Inspiring Stories Contest and she was the winner (see announcement on Facebook). As such she was awarded a wardrobe makeover by Tim Gunn and an appearance on Good Morning America (broadcast on December 7, 2011) sharing her story with ABC’s Lara Spencer.

She had topped the scale at 236 pounds some two years ago, after a lifetime of struggling with weight. She attributed weight gain in recent years to low self-esteem. She talked about the impetus for losing weight, saying that she woke up in the middle of the night with her heart racing and knew she had to make a change. From that point on, through her determination and with Weight Watchers she lost the weight in 17 months, reaching her goal in May 2011 and maintaining her weight thereafter. She demonstrated her remarkable transformation by holding up a pair of jeans she had worn in those days. You can see some of Abby Dale’s before and after weight loss photos in the GMA segment.

In giving advice to women who want to get started she said, “Just to know even though you might not think it now, you are worth it.” She urged them to do it and be happy. She undertook the journey in 5 pound increments rather than tackling the nearly 100 pound goal all at once.

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She went on to talk about the styling makeover session with Tim Gunn and what she had learned about how to dress her transformed physique and the excitement of embracing a more eclectic wardrobe and more variety, after years of jeans and T-shirts.

Visit to see styling tips for women who are losing weight and in need of a new wardrobe.

More weight loss transformation stories and makeovers like these will be featured in the forthcoming daytime TV health, wellness and lifestyle series, The Revolution which starts on Mon. Jan. 16, 2012. Along with Tim Gunn, the program will feature several other experts in various disciplines including Harley Pasternak, Ty Pennington, , Michelle Singletary, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.

GMA showed a brief clip of some of the women to be featured in the upcoming show. Meanwhile be sure to check out Abby Dale’s inspiring weight loss story and makeover.

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