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12 Strangers Help Each Other Lose 100 Pounds: Today Show Video

As always, the beginning days of January bring many uplifting stories of weight loss success — stories rich in perseverance and determination to inspire us. NBC’s Kerry Sanders brought us such a story on The Today Show, reporting from Florida. It’s the story of 12 strangers who met online and all lost at least 100 pounds. They did not meet in person until they ventured to Florida to take part in a marathon race, the Ragnar Relay.

Check out the full replay video below.

Four of the runners were profiled and took part in sit-down interviews for the Today Show segment. As seen on screen, their names, locations, and how much they weighed at their heaviest. Katie Foster 253 pounds, from southeast Michigan; Carley York 349 pounds from Dayton, Ohio; Ada Wong 265 pounds from San Francisco, California and Rik Akey 275 pounds, from Milwaukee, Minnesota

All four lost at least 100 pounds, revealing drastically slimmed down, athletic physiques and a robust health not seen in their “before” pictures and captured dramatically in video footage from the race itself. During their individual interviews, most shared stories from childhood of being bullied, as many photos of their heavier days were shown. Some shared their concerns about their health, as well as concerns about how their weight negatively impacted the lives of their children.

It was through Katie Foster that all of them met online; connecting via her blog which chronicles her 125 pound weight loss and later, her maintenance, since 2009. The 12 offered help and support to one another in their diet and exercise routines and overall individual weight loss journeys. Remarkably, all of them met for the first time when they participated in the marathon in Florida.

Do check out the video! It’s a wonderful and inspiring story of mutual support and achievement. Also check out what Foster has to say about the marathon experience, as well as the notoriety that has come from it, at her blog here, as well as the many comments.

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